Our ecosystem and recycling of natural resources is vital part of our corporate responsibility

MPT welcomes students, corporate and NGOs to attend our programs to promote social welfare, animal preservation and education in Tanzania.
Our company has zero tolerance to all forms of gender inequalities!


“One community, One mineral and many positive changes”

Yes, you can come and join our Community Development Program!


Conflict Free 3T’s

Tin, tantalum, tungsten (the “3 T’s”) are mined in DRC, Burundi and Tanzania among other countries in the world. These minerals including Gold and Diamonds are smuggled out of the DRC to neighboring countries and then shipped to refineries and smelters around the world. MTAS has been a champion in the region to guarantee a socially responsible and “conflict free” supply chain from the heart of Africa since starting our mining sites visits since 2010.

MTAS mines and production supply are within close distance to our Smelter and facilities – from DRC – Kalemie to Tanzania, via Kigoma to Dar es Salaam.

The United Nations, Consumer Organizations and NGO’s have worked tirelessly for years to make a stop to such conflicts, illegal trades and human lives’ lost every day in the region because of such natural resources: MTAS is determined to play its role to ensure such achievements.