Responsible Supply

As a leader in the industry, we are committed to ensuring that the tantalum under our control is responsibly and ethically sourced by taking a number of precautions using technology, finger printing of minerals, mine visits and enforcing rules and regulations. Equally our miners’ health, safety, environment and labor conditions and human rights are of utmost important to our mission as a company. MPT will always adheres to rigorous audits and inspections to maintain highest standards of ethics in our industry. MPT is engaged with both Mike Loch from Responsible Trade LLC and Dr. Fabiana Di Lorenzo from  Levin Sources to ensure professional sourcing of Conflict Free material to our Smelter and advance our corporate sustainability agenda. We are preparing our membership application of the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC). We adhere closely to the Conflict Minerals policies of the EICC and participate actively in the Conflict Free Smelter program as soon as possible. Also MPT will seek iTSCi membership in DRC to export from our own mines. Meanwhile, our company in DRC, Tantek Congo s.a.r.l is and will oversee all its exports of minerals to our smelter in Tanzania collaborating with iTRi in DRC and licensed exporter from DRC compliant with TIC –OECD regulations.

MPT guarantees traceability of our minerals from the source to end users under one stop in our smelter in Tanzania.